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Who we are

Sp.El. (Sperimentazione Elettronica) was founded in 1974 by Eng. Luciano Franzolini, CEO and ELGE's (then Vikers) founder, one of the first companies in Europe to design and produce transistor drive for AC, stepper and brushless motors.
Sp.El.'s activity fits into the servo motor market supporting and completing special applications with high technological value.
In particular it is focused on cost-performance optimization through study, design and production of equipment dedicated, OEM, for big and middle productions.
Due the wide experience, of eng. Franzolini and his team, in motor control and process fields, Sp.El. has a solid presence in the industrial electronic market, especially in the textile machinery field.
In over 40 years of activity, it has been able to support and lead, through technological changes and market crises, important companies in the global market.
Sp.El. srl  Via Boccaccio 43, 20090 Trezzano sul Naviglio (MI) - Tel. +39 0248401379 - VAT IT01992330157
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